Free Group Hike

Sun, Sep 27, 2015 11:00 AM

This is an adults only (19+) event!

The McDougall Rim begins with an intense uphill hike along a rocky path, but eventually tapers off onto flatter land winding through the forest to reach spectacular views of West Kelowna and the lake.

Unlike some, this trail is not clearly labelled and is marked by usage rather than signs, there are several trails you could end up on, so be sure you know which path you are planning to take beforehand. Be prepared to cross bridges, creeks and a variety of terrain. The trails were subject to wildfires in 2009 and thus the trail is still recovering in some sections. We highly recommend bringing our GPS trail maps.

During spring, a tiny waterfall opens up at about 4 km into the trail, snow can still be found in the area at this time so if you wish to trek up to it, bring footwear with good grip.

McDougall Rim is home to several types of wildflower in the summertime such as the Indian Paintbrush and Prairie Roses, it is also habituated by an assortment of wildlife including bears, deer, coyote and other larger animals which have been spotted in the area.

The descent of this trail follows the top of Bartley Rd, which is more of a 4x4ing trail, back to the starting point.

Do not attempt this hike prior to mid-April as you are likely to get snowed in due to the elevation!

Unlock This Trail

  • 18 min from Downtown Kelowna
  • Loop
  • 20.60 km (round-trip)
  • 5.0 hours solo | 6.5 hours group round-trip
  • 1,127 meters elevation (round-trip)
  • Hard difficulty
  • GPS Map available.
Attendees (13)
  • Aman
  • Annika Friedrich
  • Bekah
  • Brian
  • Claudia Wytrwal
  • Danica Brown
  • Grace Fan
  • Josh Hoggan (Creator, Host)
  • Mohamed Mokhtar (Rider)
  • Sepehr (Rider, Driver)
  • Tanis G
Hosts (1)
  • Josh Hoggan

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