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  • 8.56 km
  • 3.6 hours
  • Hard

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Sun, Jun 25, 2017 10:00 AM

Disappear into the sub-alpine wilderness just south of the old Coquihalla toll-booth and climb to a stunning ascent via meadows for a view of the valley and Falls Lake. In the winter months, this trail is a popular destination for back-country skiing and snowshoeing. Huckleberries line the trail top in August!

1) After arriving at the Falls Lake parking lot, continue along the pipeline maintenance road across Falls Lake Creek.
2) Ignore the Falls Lake Trailhead to your left.
3) Continue across the cattleguard.
4) At about 400 meters since the parking lot, turn LEFT.
5) At about 1.4 km from the start of the trail, arrive at the Zoa Peak (with signage) trail on the left. Turn LEFT and hike up! Pay close attention to flagging tape, cairns, and trail usage. There are a few forks left/right that will take you to smaller views. None of them are more than 100 meters long.
6) Up until about 2 km, the trail is very steep. However, it then dramatically decreases in difficulty.

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Hosts (1)
  • Jasmine Brown

Attendees (22)
  • Christine Pachkowski
  • Craig Cote
  • Dan Livingstone (Rider, Driver)
  • Eric Martinen (Driver)
  • Franziska Brüggemann
  • George Ackert
  • Jasmine Brown (Host)
  • Jay Im
  • Jennifer Northam
  • Jennifer Stonner
  • jordan sierhuis (Rider)
  • Kathleen McDonald
  • Kelly Hinton
  • Kelsey Allmark
  • Lisa Bobeau (Rider)
  • Nur (Rider)
  • Philip
  • Raleigh Boechler (Driver)
  • Roselyn Anderson
  • Swamp Thing
  • unnamed
  • Will Crocco

  • How did the hike go ?? I really wanted to attend . The weather was right for it .. Hope everyone was safe ..

    Tue, Jun 27, 2017 6:43 PM

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Creator: Josh Hoggan
Category:Full Day
Difficulty Rating:Hard
Difficulty Description:A very steep initial ascent.
Dogs:Not recommended.
Children:Not recommended.
Cell Service:Intermittent (Telus 2015)
First Listed:2014-Nov-03
Last Updated:2015-Nov-23
Duration One-Way (solo):95 min
Duration Round-Trip (solo):165 min
Trailhead GPS:Unlock this single trail, or Order Full Maps Pack! Already paid? Login
Trailend GPS:Unlock this single trail, or Order Full Maps Pack! Already paid? Login
Distance:4.28 km (one-way)
Elevation at Start:1,243 meters
Elevation at End:1,855 meters
Elevation Minimum:1,243 meters
Elevation Maximum:1,865 meters
Elevation Gain:688 meters (one-way)
Elevation Loss:-75 meters (one-way)
Slope Up:17.90% (one-way)
Slope Down:-10.20% (one-way)
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