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Special Event

Sun, Aug 12, 2018 10:00 AM to Sun, Aug 12, 2018 3:30 PM

This is an adults only (19+) event!

Required Fitness Level
Very Active - For Very Fast/Experienced Hikers

Joss Mountain is the home to our second fire lookout hike of the year. Due to social media and recent improvements, this lookout is growing in popularity with more visitors coming to see the spectacular vistas each year.

The Canadian Pacific Railway built 4 fire lookouts in the Revelstoke region in the 1920's to help protect their trade route from potentially devastating fires. Since the railway was given ownership and responsibility of the areas within 20 miles of either side of the rail line, known as the railway belt, they had a large region they needed to be able to observe. The 4 lookouts were located at Eagle Pass Mountain, Mara Mountain, Mt. Cartier, and Joss Mountain.

The lookout on Joss Mountain was built in 1921, but was abandoned shortly afterwards in 1930. The Canadian Pacific Railway came to the realization that even with the communication lines being installed to the lookouts, by the time smoke could be spotted and reported, the fires were often too well established to be easily extinguished. After years of degradation, BC Wildfire Management and Columbia Helicopters banded together to restore this lookout in 2005, replacing the roof and the windows.

Hike Details:
Round Trip Distance 9km
Elevation Gain 850m
Approx Hike Time 4 Hours

-Head east out of Sicamous on Highway 1.
-Turn south off Hwy 1 onto the Three Valley/Mabel Lake Forest Service Road(Labeled Wap Lake Road on Google), just west of the rest stop on the south bend of Three Valley Lake.
-At 4.3 km, after passing the Frog Falls Rec site, turn left onto Three Valley/Mable/South Pass Forest Service Road. Reset your odometer to 0 km here. The road climbs.
-Stay right at 5 km
-At 10 km, continue forward on FSR. Do not turn left.
-At 10.4 km, stay left, past road on right and cross bridge.
-At 12.3 km you have reached the parking area. Look for trail head sign on right.

There will be a carpooling/convoy available on this trip. We will leave my house in the north end of Kelowna at 7:15am. Call, text, or email for address. From there we will travel to the Superstore in Vernon on Anderson Way. We will leave there at 8:00 am. This should put us starting the trail at about 10 am. This road is reported to be much better and easier to travel than the one to Eagle Pass Mountain. I would recommend a higher clearence vehicle as it is located on a forestry road. To arrange rides a little better and for an aerial picture of our meeting spot in Vernon, please see the Hiking Addiction Facebook Forum (Kelowna).

Attendees (8)
  • Bryan Hermiston (Driver)
  • Craig Cote
  • Jordan McDonald
  • Kathleen McDonald
  • Lucy Luo
  • Nathan Hokazono
  • Olya (Rider)
  • Steve Ewbank (Creator, Host, Driver)
Hosts (1)
  • Steve Ewbank (Creator, Host, Driver)
  • I'm a maybe- sounds fun tho. can drive too

    Mon, Jul 16, 2018 8:45 AM
  • I have had a couple people mention forest fires in the area of the hike. I am regularity checking the forest service maps of fires in the area and there is no fire within close proximity to our hike. There is one that is 6 hectares and is 7 km south east, and one that is 9 km south that is 31 hectares and has not grown in days. I will keep watch and update tommorow, but these are not even fires of note. Keep in mind, this hike doesn't happen until this time of year because it is still covered in snow until early to mid July.

    Fri, Aug 10, 2018 8:48 PM

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