Free Group Hike

Sat, Jul 7, 2018 9:30 AM to Sat, Jul 7, 2018 1:00 PM

This event is suitable for all ages.

Required Fitness Level
Active - For Most Generally Active Adults

This trail was premiered last May by the amazing Josh, with a large group including a couple of children (about 10 years old) attending. However, it is a fairly difficult trail, and every hiker should be prepared for a challenging hike.

Hiking boots (with grip) are highly recommended.

Trail Description

A difficult and at times strenuous hike, Carrot Mountain (or less commonly referred to as Davidson Creek) takes you on a steady, steep incline to a wide-angled view over West Kelowna, Shannon Lake and Okanagan Lake.

Try Carrot Mountain backwards! This unique side trail offers a trek up Carrot Mountain that most are unfamiliar. After reaching the water reservoir, do NOT continue straight onto the main trail. Instead, take the steep game trail to the right. Do not attempt this in the winter as the trail is not flagged and can even be difficult to way-find in ideal conditions. This trail will eventually intersect the "Slippery Shale" GPS point on our maps just past the giant boulder overlook.

The dense trail through the shaded forest gives you a chance to take in sightings of a waterfall and wildflowers, including Fireweed and Indian Paintbrush along with Saskatoon berries and Ponderosa pine. It is also home to several types of wildlife including bears, which are often seen on the mountain, elk and smaller animals such as chipmunks. Travelling alone is not recommended.

WARNING: This trail often has snow just past the summit on the north side of the trail right until mid-April! Then, the flood begins and often Davidson Creek takes reign of the trail - flooding it in numerous spots. To avoid a drenching or stream hopping, wait until mid-June before hiking Carrot.

Unlock This Trail

  • 16 min from Downtown Kelowna
  • Loop
  • 4.72 km (round-trip)
  • 1.7 hours solo | 3.0 hours group round-trip
  • 618 meters elevation (round-trip)
  • Hard difficulty
  • Has a waterfall.
  • GPS Map available.
Attendees (6)
  • Ang
  • Colleen
  • Craig Cote (Creator, Host)
  • Karen Holland
  • Lori Oishi
  • Michelle
Hosts (1)
  • Craig Cote

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