Trail Networks are map files that contain all of the trails that we have logged for an entire park. For instance, Knox Mountain is littered with trails all over the mountain. The Trail Network map for Knox would contain every trail we have logged, instead of just a single loop. Parks containing only one trail will not have a Trail Network map available.
Trail Name Last Updated GPS Price Order
Angel Springs (Trail Network) 2018-Feb-21 $15.00 Order Now
Angel Springs via June Springs Rd 2015-Nov-21 $7.00 Order Now
Angel Springs via KLO Creek 2016-Oct-09 $7.00 Order Now
Batchelor Heights 2014-Nov-02 $7.00 Order Now
Bear Creek: Canyon Rim Trail 2018-May-01 $7.00 Order Now
Black Knight Mountain 2015-May-06 $7.00 Order Now
Blue Grouse (Trail Network) 2016-May-25 $15.00 Order Now
Blue Grouse: Baby Grouse 2016-May-25 $7.00 Order Now
Blue Grouse: Full Loop 2017-Sep-29 $7.00 Order Now
Bluenose Mountain 2016-Aug-06 $7.00 Order Now
Brandts Creek Linear Trail 2016-Jun-18 $7.00 Order Now
Brent Mountain 2016-Jul-31 $7.00 Order Now
BX Falls 2016-Jun-07 $7.00 Order Now
Canyon Falls (Trail Network) 2015-May-21 $15.00 Order Now
Canyon Falls via Canyon Falls Ct 2018-Jul-07 $7.00 Order Now
Canyon Falls via Kuipers Park 2018-Jul-07 $7.00 Order Now
Carrot Mountain (Trail Network) 2018-Feb-25 $15.00 Order Now
Carrot Mountain: Exterior Loop 2018-Feb-25 $7.00 Order Now
Carrot Mountain: Lost Loop 2017-Jun-28 $7.00 Order Now
Cathedral Lakes (Trail Network) 2015-Aug-25 $15.00 Order Now
Christie Falls 2018-Aug-15 $7.00 Order Now
Cinnamon Ridge/Hoodoos (Trail Network) 2015-May-21 $15.00 Order Now
Cinnamon Ridge/Hoodoos Ridge Ascent 2017-May-24 $7.00 Order Now
Dewdrop (Trail Network) 2016-Oct-02 $15.00 Order Now
Dewdrop East 2016-Oct-02 $7.00 Order Now
Dewdrop West 2016-Oct-02 $7.00 Order Now
Dilworth Loop 2015-Jun-22 $7.00 Order Now
Dilworth Mountain (Trail Network) 2015-Jun-22 $15.00 Order Now
Eagle Pass Mtn 2017-Aug-21 $7.00 Order Now
Ellison Provincial Park (Trail Network) 2015-May-21 $15.00 Order Now
Embleton Mountain (Trail Network) 2017-May-04 $15.00 Order Now
Embleton Mtn: Main Loop 2017-May-04 $7.00 Order Now
Enderby Cliffs 2015-Jun-17 $7.00 Order Now
Estekwalan Mountain 2018-May-10 $7.00 Order Now
Fintry Falls 2014-Nov-02 $7.00 Order Now
Fur Brigade Trail Viewpoint 2018-Apr-14 $7.00 Order Now
Garnet Valley Trails (Trail Network) 2017-Oct-05 $15.00 Order Now
Giants Head 2014-Nov-02 $7.00 Order Now
Glen Canyon (Powers Creek Trail) (Trail Network) 2015-Oct-23 $15.00 Order Now
Glen Canyon Loop 2015-Nov-23 $7.00 Order Now
Hardy Falls 2018-Jul-07 $7.00 Order Now
Hidden Lake Parkway 2014-Oct-29 $7.00 Order Now
High Rim Trail (Trail Network) 2015-Sep-20 $15.00 Order Now
High Rim Trail: Full Trip (Vernon to Kelowna) 2015-Sep-20 $7.00 Order Now
High Rim Trail: Oyama Entrance to Repeater Tower 2016-May-25 $7.00 Order Now
High Rim Trail: River Trail 2015-Apr-19 $7.00 Order Now
High Rim Trail: The Grand View 2015-Apr-19 $7.00 Order Now
Highpoint Hill 2015-Jan-13 $7.00 Order Now
JFNC: Cedar Mountain 2017-Apr-16 $7.00 Order Now
JFNC: Lebanon Creek 2018-Feb-11 $7.00 Order Now
Jim Kelly Peak 2017-Aug-23 $7.00 Order Now
John's Family Nature Conservatory (Trail Network) 2017-Apr-16 $15.00 Order Now
Kalamoir Park 2015-Jan-13 $7.00 Order Now
Kalamoir Park (Trail Network) 2015-May-21 $15.00 Order Now
Kelowna Mountain 2018-Jul-05 $7.00 Order Now
Kenna Cartwright (Trail Network) 2016-Oct-01 $15.00 Order Now
Kenna Cartwright Ridge Loop 2016-Oct-01 $7.00 Order Now
Keremeos Columns Provincial Park 2016-May-25 $7.00 Order Now
Kettle Valley Railway (Trail Network) 2015-May-21 $15.00 Order Now
Knox (Trail Network) 2014-Nov-07 $15.00 Order Now
Knox: Apex 2017-Mar-27 $7.00 Order Now
Knox: Apex to Paul's Tomb Loop 2014-Nov-02 $7.00 Order Now
Knox: Grainger (Trail Network) 2014-Oct-28 $15.00 Order Now
Knox: Grainger Summit Loop 2015-Mar-29 $7.00 Order Now
Knox: Josh's Loop 2015-Jan-13 $7.00 Order Now
Knox: Kathleen Lake and Summit 2017-May-04 $7.00 Order Now
Knox: Paul's Tomb 2014-Nov-02 $7.00 Order Now
Knox: Paved Path 2016-May-25 $7.00 Order Now
Knox: True Summit Loop 2017-Feb-15 $7.00 Order Now
KVR (Kelowna to Naramata) 2014-Nov-02 $7.00 Order Now
KVR (Kelowna to Penticton) 2014-Nov-02 $7.00 Order Now
KVR: Kelowna Trestles (Myra to Ruth) 2014-Nov-02 $7.00 Order Now
KVR: OK Falls to Ponderosa Point 2014-Nov-02 $7.00 Order Now
Lac du Bois: Battle Bluff 2016-Jul-26 $7.00 Order Now
Layer Cake Hill (Mountain) 2017-May-07 $7.00 Order Now
Little White Mountain (Trail Network) 2015-Jul-06 $15.00 Order Now
Little White Mountain (Crawford Trail) 2015-Jul-20 $7.00 Order Now
Little White Mountain (Highland Trail) 2016-Aug-14 $7.00 Order Now
McDougall Rim (Trail Network) 2015-Sep-28 $15.00 Order Now
McDougall Rim: Exterior Perimeter 2015-Sep-28 $7.00 Order Now
McDougall Rim: Hayman Lake Loop 2014-Nov-02 $7.00 Order Now
McDougall Rim: Interior Perimeter 2015-Nov-23 $7.00 Order Now
Mill Creek Regional Park 2018-Aug-06 $7.00 Order Now
Mission Creek Greenway: Phase 1 2018-Apr-13 $7.00 Order Now
Mission Greenway Phase 2: Scenic Canyon Park (Gallagher's Canyon) 2016-Oct-05 $7.00 Order Now
Mission Park Greenway (Trail Network) 2015-Jun-23 $15.00 Order Now
Monashees: Mt. Fosthall via Spectrum Lake 2017-Sep-06 $7.00 Order Now
Monashees: Spectrum Lake 2016-Jul-21 $7.00 Order Now
Monashees: Twin Lakes 2017-Aug-01 $7.00 Order Now
Mount Baldy 2017-May-27 $7.00 Order Now
Mount Boucherie: Eain Lamont Loop 2017-Mar-15 $7.00 Order Now
Mount Boucherie: Highway Side Ascent 2016-May-25 $7.00 Order Now
Mount Nkwala: Summit Loop 2018-Jan-31 $7.00 Order Now
Mount Work (Trail Network) 2018-Feb-22 $15.00 Order Now
Mt. Boucherie (Trail Network) 2018-Jan-17 $15.00 Order Now
Mt. Buse 2018-May-27 $7.00 Order Now
Mt. Douglas (Trail Network) 2018-Feb-21 $15.00 Order Now
Mt. Drought (Trail Network) 2017-Apr-16 $15.00 Order Now
Mt. Drought: Camper Loop 2017-Apr-16 $7.00 Order Now
Mt. Drought: Small View Loop 2017-Apr-16 $7.00 Order Now
Mt. Eneas (Peachland to Summerland) 2017-Oct-06 $7.00 Order Now
Mt. Nkwala (Trail Network) 2018-Jan-31 $15.00 Order Now
Myra (Trail Network) 2016-May-13 $15.00 Order Now
Myra Canyon: Full Loop 2016-May-25 $7.00 Order Now
Myra Canyon: Haunted House Loop 2016-May-20 $7.00 Order Now
Myra Canyon: Teddy Bear Loop 2018-Jul-30 $7.00 Order Now
Naramata Falls 2016-Nov-11 $7.00 Order Now
Needle 2018-Feb-25 $7.00 Order Now
Okanagan Mountain Park (Trail Network) 2015-Oct-05 $15.00 Order Now
Okanagan Mountain Park: Commando Bay Viewpoint Loop 2015-Oct-05 $7.00 Order Now
Okanagan Mountain Park: Exterior Perimeter 2017-Apr-16 $7.00 Order Now
Okanagan Mountain Park: Good's Basin 2016-Jul-22 $7.00 Order Now
Okanagan Mountain Park: Interior Perimeter 2015-Jul-17 $7.00 Order Now
Okanagan Mountain Park: Wild Horse Canyon 2015-Jan-30 $7.00 Order Now
Peterson Creek Park 2018-May-27 $7.00 Order Now
Pincushion Mountain 2017-Apr-18 $7.00 Order Now
Pincushion via Trepanier 2018-Aug-12 $7.00 Order Now
Pincushion/Trepanier (Trail Network) 2014-Jun-06 $15.00 Order Now
Rim Rocks 2018-Jun-26 $7.00 Order Now
Rose Valley (Trail Network) 2015-Apr-29 $15.00 Order Now
Rose Valley: City on the Edge of Forever 2016-Nov-07 $7.00 Order Now
Rose Valley: Perimeter Loop 2015-May-12 $7.00 Order Now
Rose Valley: Summit Loop 2015-May-12 $7.00 Order Now
Shannon Lake 2014-Nov-02 $7.00 Order Now
Smith Creek (Trail Network) 2014-Nov-01 $15.00 Order Now
Smith Creek: Summit Loop 2015-Jan-13 $7.00 Order Now
Spion Kopje (Trail Network) 2016-Aug-07 $15.00 Order Now
Spion Kopje: Ridgeline/Tower/Paintbrush Loop 2016-Apr-23 $7.00 Order Now
Spion Kopje: Unofficial Trail 2015-May-12 $7.00 Order Now
Stephens Coyote Ridge (Trail Network) 2015-Nov-04 $15.00 Order Now
Stephens Coyote Ridge: Light Blue Lake 2016-May-15 $7.00 Order Now
Stephens Coyote Ridge: Swamp Loop 2016-May-25 $7.00 Order Now
Stephens Coyote Ridge: Viewpoint Trail 2017-Nov-01 $7.00 Order Now
Sugarloaf Mountain 2017-Apr-19 $7.00 Order Now
Terrace Mountain 2016-Aug-21 $7.00 Order Now
Tranquille River 2018-May-27 $7.00 Order Now
Trout Creek Trail 2017-Oct-04 $7.00 Order Now
Tuktakamin Mountain 2016-Oct-05 $7.00 Order Now
Yak Peak 2016-Sep-17 $7.00 Order Now
Zoa Peak 2015-Nov-23 $7.00 Order Now