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Joe Rich

31 min driving from Downtown Kelowna

The Okanagan High Rim Trail connects Vernon to Kelowna through 55km of wilderness. This particular segment covers a small 2.6km stretch in Kelowna at the very end of the Kelowna to Vernon trail.

The High Rim Trail is home to several types of wildflower such as the rare Indian Paintbrush. Widlife is in abundance and includes deer, mink, bobcat, black bear, cougar, coyote and red fox as well as numerous types of reptile such as rattlesnakes and boas. Several bird spotting opportunities await.

In 2009 the trail was revitalised and now offers not only a scenic adventure but an education one, lookout for signs and tree labels.


1. Walk across the highway from where you parked on Philpott Rd.
2. Walk a couple hundred meters, following the signs, up Highway 33 back towards town.
3. Go up and over the barbed-wire fence with using the man-made ladder.
4. Follow the well-marked trail until the first major fork. Turn RIGHT down towards the river. Remember this intersection.
5. The trail will take you to a small clearing right on the river with a sign marking the beginning of High Rim Trail, noting it's creation by "Trail Builders"
6. Follow the same trail back up to the road, but instead of turning left at that major intersection, follow the ATV-like trail right back up to the highway.
7. Walk left once you reach the highway to come back to Philpott Rd.

  • Linear
  • 2.65 km (round-trip)
  • 20 minutes solo | 26 minutes group round-trip
  • 95 meters elevation (round-trip)
  • Very Easy difficulty

Creator: Josh Hoggan
Trail Network:High Rim Trail
Category:Short Hike
Seasons:Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Difficulty Rating:Very Easy
Difficulty Description:A short and relatively easy walk on a wide trail.
Dogs:OK o Leash
Children:Ages 10 and up.
Cell Service:Unknown
First Listed:2012-May-27
Last Updated:2015-Apr-19
Duration Round-Trip (solo):20 min
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Distance:2.65 km (round-trip)
Elevation at Start:849 meters
Elevation at End:849 meters
Elevation Minimum:767 meters
Elevation Maximum:849 meters
Elevation Gain:95 meters (round-trip)
Elevation Loss:-95 meters (round-trip)
Slope Up:7.20% (round-trip)
Slope Down:-6.80% (round-trip)

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